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        Does the groom include nails and anal glands?


NAILS: Grooming always includes nails, the only exception to this would be dogs that become overly aggressive or panicked to the point where it would be unsafe for us to provide this service.



ANAL GLANDS: No ! due to changes in the law , groomers are no longer able to express anal glands .



        You’ve made an appointment…What Now?


When you arrive for your appointment we will greet you and your pet and we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire.


This includes your contact details, your pet’s history, veterinarian details, and health and behaviour information. We will then examine your pet and discuss it’s grooming requirements with you. Once grooming needs have been decided on we will inform you of the price and give you a pick up time.



        How long will my dogs grooming take?


This all depends on the individual pet as coat, condition, age, temperament, breed and style are all relevant factors. When we meet your pet we can discuss any relevant issues as each client is different. Our main concern is the welfare of your pet whilst in our care and to make it an enjoyable experience for both them and us. We try to limit the time to three hours for small dogs and cats, and four hours for larger breeds. We do not allow dogs/cats to be in our salon all day. We are not insured nor have time or resources to take them out for a walk





We do not sedate any animals on these premises under any situation. Only a Veterinarian can prescribe any necessary drugs for your pet. We sometimes have to recommend clients to seek veterinary advice if we cannot groom a difficult dog for their safety. We also cannot administer drugs for you as our insurance does not allow it. Please ask your vet for advice. Sedated animals require special care and may be refused service if not arranged for prior to appointment.



        Will my dog be muzzled?


We very seldom find it necessary to muzzle a dog and much prefer to build up a trust between Dog and Groomer. However, dogs that show signs of aggression or biting/licking at the clippers & or scissors will be muzzled for both their safety and ours.



        Can I bring some treats with my dog?


Yes. We always encourage owners to bring a few treats to reward their dog. You are also welcome to bring one of your dog’s favourite toys or blanket if it makes them feel more at home. We often give treats to the dogs and if your dog has a special diet or medical problem which does not permit this please inform us.



        Can I stay with my pet?                                                                                              


This is not usually a good idea as to get the full co-operation of the dogs we must have their undivided attention. Most dogs behave much better without their owners there to distract them. We will be happy to show you around our shop. Customers can come and have a look in the grooming salon at any time, as long as the dogs are not distracted. If a difficulty with a dog arises the owner will be called at once.



        Will my pet be put in a cage?


Yes. All our cages are spacious with plenty of room for even large and giant breeds and provide full view of the grooming salon and what’s going on. There is a blanket in every cage. For safety reasons and to comply with the Animal Welfare Act we cannot let the dogs run loose whilst we are working. The dogs are only in cages on arrival, prior to bathing and awaiting collection.  Most of the time they are in our care we are working with them.



        What shampoos do you use?


We only use top quality professional dog shampoos such as Kelco all natural shampoos and Dr Hypo for serious skin ailments. With many types to choose from we are sure to have a shampoo suited to your dogs coat type. We are continually searching for the best grooming products for your pet.



        Do you groom cats?  


Yes. We are the only grooming salon in our area who grooms cats. A large percentage of our business is cats. I have a passion for cats. A grooming session for cats include nails, bath, de-matting, brushed out and bottom and feet trimmed.


Please note we do not shave cats. Cats and noise, especially scissors and clippers do not go together!! It is too dangerous and as cat’s skin is paper thin, it can be easily caught and ripped apart. They do not heal quickly and if hurt there could be costly vet bills incurred. We do not wish to harm any animal.


If your cat is extremely matted we would advise you to take it to the vet and have it shaved under anesthetic for safety reasons.


If you are unsure if we could de-mat your cat please call and we can arrange to have a look at the condition of the coat and advise of the best course of action.


Some cats, mostly domestic short haired are not good with grooming, especially bathing. If this is the case we would call you to come and collect the cat as it would be unsafe for your pet and us to continue if they are too stressed. We would only charge for the work done.



        When should I start getting my Puppy groomed?                                                        


As soon as a puppy has completed its vaccinations it should start making regular visits for grooming. There are a lot of new experiences for your puppy to discover and the younger they start the easier it is for them. We have an Introductory puppy cut price.



        How much will it cost?


Charges will vary dependent on the breed of dog, the specified style & the condition of their coat. When you call for an appointment we can give you a base price, which is set on a dog that conforms to the following:


-Average Size/Coat


-Groomed Regularly




Additional charges may apply for:


-Non-Standard Breed Size and/or Coat


-Matted Coats


-Trimming beyond Standard for Breed


-Non Co-operative Behaviour


-Aggressive Behaviour


Please note that all verbal quotes and estimates are not definite and binding.


They may be subject to variation according to circumstance.



         Can you use a shampoo supplied by my vet?


Yes. We also carry our own medicated shampoos, which we highly recommend for pets with problem skin, itching, redness etc.


Please ask us for a recommendation based on your dogs skin/coat...



        My dog has fleas…


Dogs that have fleas will be washed with a flea shampoo that will kill all fleas on the dog. We cannot take any chances that other pets in our care will get fleas. There is an extra fee for this. We will also give you advice and recommendations to prevent and control further problems. We also take measures to ensure that our environment is flea free.



        I wont be able to make my appointment, what do I do?


Please respect us by calling to cancel and re-schedule. We require 24 hours notice to allow us to fill the appointment.


Due to continuing problems we have encountered with customers not calling to cancel /reschedule we have found it necessary to charge a fee for all missed appointments. This wastes our time and makes it impossible to fill the unused appointment.


We are all self-employed and lose earnings if not fore-warned.


       How do I find your shop?


Please visit our Location page for directions. Click Here to Visit


There is ample street parking.



        My dog or Cat just needs its nails clipped…


Do I need an appointment? Yes but this can be between grooming appointments, please call first to ensure that a member of staff is available to clip the claws. Nail clipping is £12 and only takes a few minutes. You may have to wait if we are finishing off a groom and a customer is waiting.



        My dog just needs a bath…


It is no problem to have a dog bathed only. For certain breeds we would recommend in-between groom baths to keep the coat in tip top condition and to limit matting. We can also trim eyes, feet and face only. There is a charge for these services and an appointment is necessary.



        What if my dog is aggressive towards other dogs?


Please let us know when booking your appointment. If necessary we may be able to schedule an appointment for a time that we do not have other dogs in the shop. We do not allow dogs to run loose together for the safety of all pets in our care.



       What if my dog is timid or nervous?                                                                              


We are only too happy to try to work with nervous dogs. We like these dogs to come to the same groomer each visit to build up a relationship with that person. We have dealt with many dogs who have been very scared and after a few visits love to come here.


Most dogs are groomed straight through, allowing them to be picked up within 3 hours as opposed to being left all day.



       Do you provide Boarding?


No. We are a grooming service only.



Professional Cat & Dog Grooming

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