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My previous career was in Office Management. I worked for 23 years in Royal Mail in various jobs. I obtained an HNC in Computers and later qualified as a Member of the Institute of Management Services. I was the first woman Industrial Engineer in Scotland in the company –of which I was very proud. I later became dissatisfied in Royal Mail as it was undergoing major changes and I felt that I wanted to move on. My yearning to work with animals was taking over.


Over the years my love of animals had deepened. My husband Kenny’s aunt had a cattery and I became hooked on Cats. Once I got my own first cat Snuggles there was no going back and over the years I have had many cats, mostly strays. I became a volunteer for the Cats Protection League and I was a home visitor, helped with cleaning out runs and fundraising. This gave me lots of experience handling cats. I later became involved in a new local charity Catflap and again was a home visitor,helped trap and catch stray cats with Kenny and did a lot of fundraising. I really enjoyed this. In 2001 I took Voluntary redundancy and bought Pawcasso.


There have been huge changes since then, from the immediate installation of Stainless Steel cages for the animals, to air conditioning for the summer months. It took several years to build up a good solid business with a great reputation. Customers come to us from all over the Glasgow, the West of Scotland and Islands. This gives me great job satisfaction. In April 2006 we totally refurbished the shop and I have made major investments in top of the range, specialist tools and equipment to ensure that we are always providing the best quality of service, welfare and comfort for animals in our care.


I joined the Petcare Trust, British Dog Grooming Association and Federation of Small Businesses to keep abreast of any changes in the Industry and became a moderator on the Largest Groomers forum in the UK.


In 2008 I qualified in City & Guilds 7750 Advanced Level which took a lot of study and hard work with practical exams at great expense.  


I am one of the few groomers in Glasgow qualified to this level.  


All Pawcasso staff have trained and been certified in Animal First Aid. Charlene & myself took a class in Tellington Touch to help us with nervous animals in the salon.


I have been a Member of the Bearsden Dog Training club since 2004 and became a qualified training instructor in 2006 with the West of Scotland Dog Training Association. This is purely voluntary as the club is a registered charity. This training was very rewarding and I can also use this experience in dealing with difficult dogs in the salon and giving advice to customers on basic obedience.


Star and I are a good team and we have completed all training to Advanced level. We are also part of a new Dog Display team which is hard work but fun.


All this business and animal experience has helped me in the running of my own successful business. Hard work has paid off and I now have a vast database of satisfied customers. I recommend customers to book early as we can have a waiting time of up to two weeks for an appointment.


Pet Welfare is our Top Priority.

You can trust Pawcasso to treat your pet with respect and leave them in safe hands.

Hi my name is Morag Brown and I have always loved all sorts of animals.


Don’t know where it came from as neither of my parents were obsessed with animals. I had a couple of dogs when I was growing up and my aunt owned a cat. I was always bringing home waifs and strays and still do to this day! Mum always found me helping out with the donkeys and ponies on holiday. She nearly disowned me when I bought a mouse at school and hid it in a box in the bedroom. Needless to say she found it pretty darned soon and the whole house had to be taken apart to find it behind a boxed up fireplace. Being a daddy’s girl I was allowed to keep it, much to my Mum’s dismay. I can still close my eyes and hear her screams.

Morag Brown (Owner/Groomer)

Hi, I'm Charlene McGlinchey and I live in the South side of Glasgow.


I've been working at Pawcasso as a Groomer since 2009 and I LOVE IT!!  


I have a Greyhound called Susie who I love spending time with!!


I Look forward to seeing you and your furry friends soon at Pawcasso.


Love Charlene & Susie




Charlene McGlinchey (Groomer)

Hi, my name is Cindy. I was born in the North Philippines and moved firstly to Northern Ireland and then to Glasgow in 2007 and obtained my British Citizenship. So proud of that and now Scotland is my home with many friends.


I’ve been working in Pawcasso Cat and Dog Grooming Salon since February 2007 but moved to The Wirral in 2012 where I lived and worked as a groomer for two years. Now here I am againand very glad to be back to the world of Pawcasso and my friends.

Whilst I was away I have been very busy studying for grooming exams and passed my City & Guilds Intermediate certificate...I am so proud as not many groomers hold this qualification in Glasgow. I am now working towards gaining the Advanced level. It is very time consuming, expensive and taxing but will make me the best groomer I can be and gives me confidence in doing my job to my best ability. I take pride in my work and want to please all my customers and make you love how your dog looks.


Sometimes our job can be very frustrating when our little friends aren’t so happy. Just like people they also have their down moments, but just one kiss and a wag of a tail is all I need to make it all worthwhile. Then, all of the frustrations go out of the window


Some of you may have experienced waiting in the shop for your pets to be finished being groomed and might have overheard me telling silly jokes. Please forgive me it’s solely meant for a good laugh. Don’t we all need some good laughter to let a hard day go by? But I must admitwhen I am happy inside I let people know it.


I’m looking forward to see you in the shop with your waggy tailed little babies, even the ones that aren’t so little. Hope to see you both in the salon soon.





Cindy William (Groomer)

Hi my name is Lyn Blair.  I am  the Bather and Groomer’s Assistant  at  Pawcasso Cat and Dog Grooming.  I have worked here  since 2007 and I love meeting all the old and new four legged customers. It’s very hard work but we enjoy getting to know  all the pets and getting kisses and cuddles.


I have a Collie, Ben who is 9 years old. I got Ben from Milton Cat and Dog home when he was 18 weeks old and he’s enjoying his new home.


When I’m not busy working,  I enjoy spending the rest of my time with my 3 years old daughter Katie who  also loves animals like me and she asks regularly to come to work to meet them all.

Lynn (Grooming Assistant)

I hope you enjoy bringing your pets to Pawcasso as much as we enjoy having them and I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Lyn, Katie and Ben xx

Star (Golden Retrever)

She comes to work with Morag every day and meets and greets all the customers. They love her!

Owner CHARLENE_11 cindy Lynn starpup2 starbeach2

Hi, my name is Wendy Whitelaw.


I live in Bearsden with my husband, two sons and my Border Collie, Rosie.


I trained as a Dog Groomer in 2010 and worked on my own from home for a while, before joining the Pawcasso team in April 2015.


Every day is different, and I really enjoy meeting all the dogs that come in for pampering.